Your Pre-Move To-Do List: No Packing or Lifting Required

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Here’s a list of a few things for your pre-move to-do list that don’t require lifting or packing. But they’re still important.

Change of Address for Car Insurance

As if ICBC doesn’t already know enough about you! Update them with your new address. And not just because they’re information junkies. If your policy isn’t up-to-date and you file a claim, you might not be covered.

And just a heads up.  Your rates could also be affected by your move– even if you’re moving close by. Your new residential address could mean either an increase or a decrease in rates. But even if your new address means an ICBC rate increase, it’s better than losing your coverage because you neglected to tell them prior to your move.

Driver’s license or BCID change

You’re required to change the address on your driver’s licence or BCID within 10 days of moving.  It’s best to get
this little piece of business out of the way before your move, rather than after. It shouldn’t be a hassle. You can change your address on your driver’s licence three ways: by phone, in-person or online.  The address on your BCID must be updated either over the phone or in person at a driver licensing office.  (ICBC locations and phone numbers.)

For enhanced driver licences (EDL) or ID cards you’ll need to have a new card issued.  You’ll need to make an appointment for that.  After your application, you’ll be issued an interim driver’s licence to use until your new EDL card arrives by mail. Keep in mind that the interim licence can’t be used for cross-border travel into the U.S.

Change your  address with Canada Post

Junk mail follows you everywhere,automatically. How convenient is that? But things like tax receipts,
government forms, government cheques, and bank statements and bills easily go astray. That’s the law of the

It’s a good idea to change your address with Canada Post about 2 weeks before your move.  Here’s a link to the address change page on Canada Post’s website, just to make things a little easier. Canada Post says that giving them just three business days’ notice before your move is sufficient– and have they ever led us astray?  Best to err on the side of caution and get the address change out of the way so you can instead spend your valuable time trying to remember your new postal code.  If only there was an easy trick for that.

Play by the rules, says Canada Post on their website, “you should see the first of your forwarded mail by the time of move-in.” Nothing wrong with a little optimism. Cheque’s in the mail.

Organize your finances

A lot of financial tasks such as bill-paying get forgotten in the flurry of moving. If you’re a regular online payer of things like insurance, phone services and other utilities, you’re a step ahead.  Prioritize which changes you need to make electronically. Even if you’re not a big fan of auto-pay, you may wish to set up paying your most important bills this way– at least until things settle down after the move. You can do this through your online bank account or with each company you want to auto-pay. If you’re comfortable with online banking, this is probably a better one-stop, way to start and stop auto-pay.  Not quite as easy as “clap on, clap off,” but close.

Snap pictures of your electronics: less fun but probably more practical than taking a selfie

You think those cables in the back of your TV and modem are a tangled web of nonsense now? They’ll make even less sense as you try to untangle them at your new place and and figure out what goes where. Snap a picture of the pre-move configuration for a smoother setup on the other end. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt to coil the cords and label them for some extra sanity protection.

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