Where’s the Remote? The Right Way To Move Your Electronics

Jan 23, 2015Moving Tips0 comments

“Where’s the remote?” If you’re a typical Canadian household, that’s likely an often-heard question. It can become a desperate plea if you’ve just moved and are staring at 50 unopened boxes– yet a clear path from the easy chair or couch to the big screen TV. Admit it. Surfing with the remote is often one of the first activities that makes a new house a home. Vancouver movers, Kary Movers, will “surf” you over to your new place so you can continue to live life in all it’s digital electronic fullness.


That one lifesaving box

You can avoid being scared remote-less with some packing smarts. You’ll also be able to avoid some other unpleasantries such as a bowel-busting search for just ONE roll of toilet paper.  Simply fill a box clearly “TO BE OPENED FIRST” for items you require immediately upon arrival at your new home. While that box should include things like commonly-used tools and toiletries, you’ll probably find that most of it will end up mostly filled with electronics such as remote controls, phone, and cell phone chargers.

What happened to ‘wireless’?

You’re likely to find it an eye-opener to find out how electronically dependent you are. Moving reveal so much of the taken-for-granted aspects of our lives. While you wax philosophical about how your life can be so easily taken apart, moved and reassembled, trusted Vancouver Movers, Kary Movers will do the heavy lifting.

In this age of technology,  some of the most valuable things you’ll move are likely to be your electronics– financially and emotionally speaking.  So, packing up your televisions, computers, and surround sound systems to keep them safe is a big part of your move. Another important aspect of your move is to make sure all your belongings are in the safe hands of Kary Movers, experienced movers of not only electronics– but just about everything else for residential and commercial moves.

Kary will get your electronics to your new home smoothly and safely, but there are things that you should do to make packing and unpacking your electronics much easier. In our wireless world, it’s striking how much we are still dependent on cables.


A knotty problem

Not only can tangled, knotted cables can be a nightmare to untangle, you also risk the possibility of breaking the small metal wires inside.  You can prevent this by wrapping a cable up and securing it with a Velcro wrap or a zip tie– as opposed to wrapping a cable around itself. That’s were the damage to the cable and to your wallet is most likely to be done.

A colourful moving experience

You can also save yourself some cable frustration by labeling each cable with coloured and numbered tags– thus avoiding losing the configuration of the cables connecting one device to another. It’s a sign of wisdom, not weakness, to label all of your cables. As you disassemble your set up, tag each end of the cable and the port that it plugs into with a number or colour that matches. Voila! Kary Movers will get you electronics to your new place safely. Your part is to reconnect “soundly” and smartly. Do this smart stuff on as you disassemble and pack and it’ll make for a no-brainer of a set up experience when unpack and reassemble at your new home.

Bubbles, boxes and a bottle of bubbly

It’s wise to protect the ends of your cables. Dirt, dust, debris and who knows what else can get lodged in them, resulting in bad or no connections when you try to plug them back in. The best way to avoid this is to not pack them with other unrelated stuff. And ideally, pack in the original manufacturers’ boxes– hopefully. original packing material. A little styrofoam can be a beautiful thing.

Vibrations (the good kind) are best heard from your properly wired speakers, and not from your box of electronics on the moving truck. That’s not a good kind of vibration. If you don’t have original boxes, a layered approach is a wise one. Wrap your electronics in a clean layer of cloth or paper, and then surround them with bubble wrap to keep them safe from vibration and shock. While your’re labeling and packing, avoid taping anything directly to your electronics. It can be difficult to remove and may damage the finish. Again, that’s why it’s good to keep those manufacturers boxes, with those nice little compartments for every little related cable and gadget.

Kary Movers will do their part to make your move easy. You can compliment that by helping to keep it stress-free– with bubble wrap for packing and a bubble bath when you get to your new home. Enjoying a bottle of bubbly on arrival is nice, too.  Call us here at Kary toll free at 1.877.687.1746, connect with us online for an estimate, or send an email to info@karymovers.com.