Hi. My name is John. I’m with Kary Movers Limited. I would just like to go over a few helpful tips and hints to help you, come move day.

One of the most important things you can do to help yourself, save you time, stress and money is proper packing. Professional packers usually like to use a standard box like this one here. This is a two-cubic-foot and roughly the size of a microwave. That’s great for your heavier items, books, CDs, that sort of thing.

Then we go to the next step up which is our four-cubic-foot box, roughly the size of a small nightstand and these are better for linen, sort of bulkier stuff. If you have vases, of course you can wrap that in the clothes and put it in that box, nice and secure.

Wardrobe boxes, essential come move day. Simply a matter of taking all your hanging clothes from your closets and putting them right on to this bar here. It keeps them in order and nice and neat and clean. Fold that up and tape that up for the move itself.

What we like to use for our packing is the blank newsprint. This is excellent. It keeps your dishes nice and clean, provides lots of packing and also much easier to clean up than packing peanuts or that sort of a nature of product there.

What we would like to see when packing is fill your boxes right to the top even if you have to use a couple of extra pieces of newsprint. But we like to see it nice and firm to the top without overstuffing them. You would tape that up. You can see a nice, flat tape job here instead of folding the flaps and that will definitely help us load the truck a little easier as well.

If you’re more of a hands-on person, you can take apart beds, take mirrors off dressers, legs off tables, that sort of thing and that will speed up the move as well.

Moving companies are usually fine with leaving clothes in the dressers. This will save you some packing and unpacking and save us trips up and down the stairs without your boxes.

As the mover has finished loading, you do want to take one last walkthrough and make sure that we collected everything that you wish to be taking.

When you get to the drop-off address, please try to remain accessible to the movers, so you can direct them to where you want the stuff placed throughout the house.