Tips for the Beginner Mover

Feb 15, 2022Blog, Moving Tips0 comments

Packing up your life and transporting dozens of boxes with delicate loads is not easy for beginners. Moving is labor-intensive, exhausting, and stressful. Figuring out how to pack your items to prevent damage, picking the right transportation to lessen your trips, and other factors make moving not effortless in Surrey.

Fortunately, there are some proven hacks to help the moving process. One piece of advice is to create a moving checklist for before, during, and after the move to assist with the organization of the move.

Without proper care and attention, beginner movers may cause injury to themselves and their belongings. Incorrect wrapping or improper form are common reasons for undesirable results. As a professional moving company, we’ve listed some advice for beginners to get you moving almost like a pro.

Clear the clutter

Moving is a good opportunity to reevaluate some of your belongings. Packing all your possessions may be your first instinct, however, a purge of unnecessary items will create less clutter and make your load lighter. Shifting through old clothes and documents can be a time-consuming process, so if you are in a hurry, we advise against this action.

You’ll also want to keep your essential items close. The first night of the move is usually the toughest. Your bed isn’t set up and all your belongings are boxed up, by traveling with a carry-on you can still access the necessities.

Garbage Bags are a Staple

Garbage bags are a simple but effective way to transfer your belongings from one home to another. Instead of packing clothes into bins or boxes, try leaving them on a hanger, wrapping a bag around them, and tie a knot at the hanger’s hook. Once you’ve made it to your new home, unpack and hang them in your new closet. No unfolding required!

Protect Your Glass

Commonly, homeowners wrapped their drinking glasses in newspapers. Glass is fragile and more likely to break or suffer damages while moving. Our advice is to wrap your drinking glasses in (clean/new) socks. Not only does it require less newspaper and styrofoam, but it is also a faster solution.

Speaking of fragile, aside from drinking glasses, plates are also susceptible to breaking. Stack styrofoam plates between each glass plate to add a layer of protection. This hack will minimize the chances of damage and remove friction between plates.

Move your Drawers

Don’t take out each drawer and individually pack away each item. We recommend wrapping the whole drawer and its contents in plastic wrap. This is a more efficient way to transport your clothing and other items without worrying about unpacking the contents.

Avoid the heavy lifting

Carrying heavy boxes requires a technique to prevent significant arm and back strain. We have built our biceps over the years helping hundreds of customers move. For those who want to prevent strain or who are moving alone, a case with wheels is just the tool to keep things light. By using a suitcase or a bin with wheels, you can easily move from one location to another. However, purchasing a high-quality case is important to ensure it can resist heavyweights.

Instead of lifting up heavy boxes, movers tend to use dollys to alleviate the load. A suitcase is a similar concept.

Keep track of your tech set-ups

If you aren’t the most tech-savvy, take photos or notes of your electronic setups, so you can replicate them at your new home. These notes may just be the thing to save you from hours of re-assembly.

Protect your makeup and jewelry

In transport, movement may trash around eyeshadow palettes, powders, and other makeup may spill or break. To protect tubes, compacts, and other containers, encapsulate with cotton battles. The soft material acts as a barrier to prevent slipping,

Like earbuds, jewelry is prone to tangling. Use an egg carton to separate your pieces and hold them in place with tape.

Use a sandwich bag for little items

Easy to lose items such as screws, nails, and wires need to be packed in sandwich bags. You can also add labels to each bag. You can attach the sandwich bags onto larger equipment such as drills that they will be used with.

Label boxes by room

Designate a colour for each room, then label the box with the colour, so you know which room to direct the boxes, rather than digging through dozens to find your belongings.

These are just some hacks to make the moving process easier. We hope these hacks are helpful when moving and making switch homes easier. If you need help with moving, contact us to make your load lighter.