Tips and tricks for 5 hard to move items

Aug 1, 2022Blog, Large Items, Moving Tips0 comments

Some items in your home will be more difficult to move to your new home than others. Heavy, large, or valuable items will need extra special care and attention.

Of course, the best thing would be to hire professional movers, but not everyone has the budget or the timeline. If you are set on a do-it-yourself move, you can move just about anything with the right planning, materials, and helpers.  Here are five hard-to-move items and tips and tricks on how to move them.

Large Appliances

Items such as stoves, refrigerators, and freezers need a whole lot of planning, preparation, and manpower. These are some of the heaviest items in any home. Hiring professionals to help with the heavy lifting is a good idea, especially if stairs are involved. It might feel like a big accomplishment when you manage to move your 300-pound fridge. But then you realize you still have the 200-pound washing machine and 150-pound dishwasher.. When moving large appliances, you will need to hire various moving equipment. Items to consider are dollies, wooden planks, trailers, a loading ramp for the truck, and tie-down straps. It will also help to enlist the help of friends (or professionals) for the heavy lifting and loading.

Professional movers like Kary Movers have the equipment to move large appliances efficiently.


You must plan and prepare effectively to move valuable items such as artwork, antiques, and other valuables. These items must be kept as safe and secure as possible during moving. You will need more than just boxes and packing tape. Make sure to research specific packing supplies necessary for moving your household belongings. Packing artwork and frames requires special types of packaging to protect them. (Read here about tips and tricks to move valuable art, glass frames, and mirrors.)

Ensure that your insurance company covers your valuables and that you speak to them about your move.

Pool tables

Moving a pool table from one house to another may involve a complicated disassembly and packing process. A pool or billiard table also has extremely heavy parts that need to be lifted, making moving difficult. Remember to measure doorways, stairways, and any other small spaces your pool table or other items need to pass through on the way to the moving truck. You wouldn’t want to carry part of your pool table to the other side of the house only to find out that it won’t fit out the front door.

Kary Movers have extensive experience moving pool tables and can ensure your pool table is disassembled and safely moved. Depending on the amount of disassembly, you may need to contact a billiards company for assembly and re-felting.


Pianos are probably one of the items that you need to consider hiring a professional mover to help. It is not easy to move a piano, as they can weigh anything from a couple of hundred pounds to more than a thousand pounds and need special equipment and moving tools. Fortunately, Kary Movers has the right tools and experience to handle one of your home’s most expensive and valuable items.

Hot tubs

While maybe not the most expensive thing in your home, your hot tub will require the most specialist equipment and processes to move. You will need to do enough research to ensure that you have the right tools and supplies. The water needs to drain, and the hot tub might need to be hoisted onto a truck using a crane or similar equipment, which will need to be rented for the move.

Keep in mind to place your owner manuals and warranties in one location, which is easy to find. If something breaks or becomes damaged during the move, the warranty information will come in handy, and the owner’s manuals will be easy to find when you need to set up and install your appliances.

The items mentioned above are certainly not easy to move by yourself, and the best option is still to hire professional movers such as Kary Movers to simplify the process. View our Deliveries page if you need large awkward items moved professionally. If you are still set on moving them by yourself, we hope some of the tips above will help you.