A Few (Sometimes Crazy) Things People Forget When Moving

Apr 21, 2016Blog0 comments

“Ummm, didn’t we have a cat?” Thankfully, there are a lot of encouraging “cat came back” stories out there, but it’s best if you simply remember to bring Fluffy along when you move.

The stuff people forget when they move will amaze you– if you haven’t moved recently, that is. We’re not sure whether “stuff people forget when they move” has ever come up on a TV game show like Family Feud– but the real-life answers to this question may be more bizarre than the most offbeat guesses of a game show contestant.

Try the contents of a full dishwasher, grandma’s heirlooms, or worse, grandma herself. (And shouldn’t grandpa have been the first to notice?)

It sounds crazy, we know, but people get so caught up in the move that they sometimes forget some of the most important things. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s a frenzy when you’re trying to clear out everything prior to the movers arrival.

It’s not just the valuables that are in danger. It’s also your sanity. But don’t be too hard on yourself come moving day. The fact is, none of us are in our right minds when we move– except the professional movers you’ve hired, providing you’ve had the good sense to hire Kary Movers.

People with the best memories now find themselves losing the packing tape multiple times. And the most careful people or end up throwing out box of garbage that isn’t garbage at all.

Some pretty big things get “left behind” but we suspect the bigger they are, the less likely they are to have been “forgotten.” We’re talking, of course, about things like mattresses, sofas and IKEA furniture that wasn’t so easy-to-assemble as it looked– and even harder to dis-assemble. Confront the reality of the bigger things well before you move and get ready to recycle, give away, or have a yard sale. Kary Movers can help you with that– with our Yard Sale Tips blog.

You may be interested in finding out the most common things people forget about when moving. (People do forget cats and other pets but, thankfully, they don’t top the list.) Feel free to use this as a final checklist on your move-out:

  • Mirrors
  • Shelves
  • Glass table tops
  • Dishwasher contents
  • Contents of kitchen cabinets (especially infrequently-used ones such as those above the refrigerator), anything stored in the oven
  • Bathroom medicine cabinets
  • Things hanging on the backs of doors
  • Silverware in drawers
  • Refrigerator items
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Contents of whole storage units or crawlspaces
  • Outdoor items, including the shed, under the deck
  • Cellphone and computer charging cords
  • Medication

And finally, don’t forget — especially if yours is a long-distance move– about things that aren’t in the house at all. These might include clothes still at the cleaners, items out for repair and items you’ve stored elsewhere, like a friend’s garage or basement.

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