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Stress Free Moves to Vancouver
Move to Vancouver, and you’ll not only be the envy of your friends and relatives who don’t have the pleasure of living here. You’ll be the envy of the entire world. Since you’re joining a population with a reputation of being relaxed, it makes sense to hire movers who will help take the stress out of your move. Read what “Lesley” says, for example. Her move with Kary Movers “was the most stress free move of my life!” And a little Vancouver friendliness goes a long way, too. “Rebecca” writes that Kary was “not only efficient and great at their job, but super friendly to my kids.” You’ll see even more great testimonials and reviews on on Kary’s “reference page.” At Kary, we’re proud to be Vancouver movers, and proud and thankful to have such great customers! Call or email us today to begin your Vancouver moving experience.

(Highly) Livable Vancouver
A 2014 poll by The Economist Intelligence Unit affiliated with Economist Group of publications ranked ranked Vancouver as the third most livable city in the world. (We know you’re curious. Melbourne, Australia topped the list. Vienna, Austria came in second.) The Economist survey ranks cities on such factors as stability, health care, culture, environment, education and infrastructure. Current residents of Vancouver are hardly surprised at the high ranking. Excellence in these areas are the some of the reasons they moved to Vancouver in the first place. Many of those new Vancouverites enjoyed an extra friendly and low-stress move, thanks to the personal, efficient and reliable moving excellence of Vancouver movers, Kary Movers.

Treasured Past and Present
The presence of people in what is now called the Lower Mainland likely began with seasonal encampments of three Coast Salish peoples: Squamish (S?wxwú7mesh), Tsliel-waututh and Xwméthkwyiem (“Musqueam”) 8,000 to 10,000 years ago when the glaciers of the last ice age began to disappear. Villages eventually appeared in areas such as Stanley Park, False Creek, Kitsilano, and Point Grey. So much has geography changed between the early settlement at today that one important site, then located near the mouth of the Fraser River, is now found near the Alex Fraser Bridge of today. From that location, the Glenrose Cannery site, came a host of archeological treasures, including a detailed antler carving, which could be the oldest known representation of a human being in British Columbia.

Vancouver’s post-European contact history is a spicy treasure: from its early days as a logging town and outfitter for the 1898 Klondike gold rush and beyond. Vancouverites and tourists alike can taste a shot glass or two of local history on a “Forbidden Vancouver” walking tour. Tour themes include the Lost Souls of Gastown (“when this town was ruled by guns whiskey and gold”) and Prohibition City.

Vancouver itself is a Canadian treasure. Vancouver’s climate is delightfully mild by Canadian standards and summers are sunny and warm Although overcast, rainy days are common in the winter, winters are easily the warmest of Canada’s big cities. This is thanks to the combined effects of the mild Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. These provide more than simply beautiful scenery. They also block cold winter air moving in from the rest of the continent.

Vancouver, Rain or Shine
Life in Vancouver is hardly postponed by winter rain, but summer is indeed a special time: full of sunshine, outdoor sports and popular and unique outdoor festivals. Vancouver’s ethnic diversity ensures an equally diverse number of events to enjoy and venues to visit year round, but particularly in summer. Many summer events focus on a particular ethnic and cultural heritage. Others, like “Car Free Vancouver,” for which communities across the city close their main streets for a day, focus on the simple pleasures of food, live music and family fun.

Regardless of the season, Vancouverites don’t depend nearly as much as other parts of the country on seasonal weather changes to make their recreational plans. “Postponed due to weather” signs are rare. It’s not unusual to see an amateur soccer game being played in the middle of driving rain. The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden always captures the attention of visitors with its Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist symbolism in it’s horticulture and architecture. A rainy day visit makes the place all that much more captivating. Roof water flowing from the handmade drip tiles into what appears to be a crystal bead curtain.

But Mostly, It’s Just Beautiful Here!
Comparisons are often made between Vancouver and Toronto. Vancouver is often described as having a less hectic and more relaxed feel than its often-maligned civic cousin. True, but move to Vancouver and you’ll find the nuanced comparisons of Vancouver to Vancouver are too myriad too be experienced in a lifetime. That hasn’t stopped admirers of Vancouver from trying to capture those nuances online in blogs, social media posts and entire websites praising the arts, culture, shopping, sports and recreational opportunities so abundant in Vancouver.

Myriad also are the ways Vancouver has been captured visually, such as popular YouTube video titled Vancouver City, The video, with 3.2 million views recorded, is but one of many breathtaking time lapse recordings of this gorgeous port city. Indeed, aside from all else, what can be said about Vancouver without a hint of argument is that it is simply one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Kary Movers is ready to help you make your home in beautiful Vancouver. Call 604.687.1746 or email today!