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Ready For Your Surrey Move?
Surrey BCExperience counts when it comes to moving. How many people know, for example, what length of moving truck one would need to move three or four rooms worth of belongings? The answer is 16 feet. For professional Surrey movers like Kary, it’s an easy calculation. In fact, making it “easy” is what it’s all about for Kary Movers. You have questions. Kary Movers is ready with moving solutions, and great advice for you as you make moving preparations.

Who Would Have Imagined?
Imagine the reaction we would receive if we could travel back in time and introduce to someone from the late 19th century British Columbia, for example, life in modern British Columbia. Take, for example, H.J.Brewer, New Westminster city clerk, who perhaps nostalgic for his County of Surrey, home in England, suggested the name “Surrey” for a new colonial settlement. Could he have imagined not only how locals would come to live here over the next century-and-a-half, but how they would get to where they were going? Could Mr. Brewer have possibly comprehended thousands of moving trucks (huge, horseless carriages) delivering strange, unrecognizable objects and devices?

Imagine Brewer’s reaction to a large screen high definition television, for example, showing a documentary on space travel or the history of computers? Mind-blowing, indeed! He would, however, recognize that piano being carefully loaded to a professional movers’ truck. And, no doubt, he’d be most relieved to see experienced Surrey moving companies like Kary Movers who are more than willing to take care of the heavy lifting and make moving to Surrey feel like a Pacific Ocean breeze.

Amazing Change and Growth
Could city clerk Brewer have possibly envisioned a thriving, diverse city of hundreds of thousands that would eventually surpass City of Vancouver in population. (To make it even more astounding, Vancouver’s population at the time was less than 5,000.) Surrey’s current population growth of 100,000 per decade is expected to continue to grow by that same amount per decade over at least the next three decades.

So, with all this moving going on, somebody’s indeed doing some heavy lifting. Seriously, the last thing Surrey needs is thousands of people with bad backs to remind them of their move. When it comes to moving to Surrey, Kary Movers is up to the challenge. When you’ve used your head and decided against a do-it-yourself move, not just because of the physical effort, but because of the emotional stress, it’s always a good idea to do compare reviews of local movers as one of the first steps in planning your move.

Growing But Green
Just 35 minutes from downtown Vancouver, lies Surrey, the fastest growing community in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Why are so many people moving to Surrey? There are likley thousands of reasons. Let us suggest a few. It might have something to do with green space. Surrey justifies its nickname, “The City of Parks,” with 600 parks and greenbelts spread of 2,300 hectares (5,680 acres). You’ll find more green space per capita here than in any other Metro Vancouver community. And if all those parks don’t make Surrey green enough, add a significant variety of golf courses and driving ranges– from “championship to pitch and putt.

Additionally, agriculture still occupies a significant amount of space in Surrey’s historical and modern life. Anyone who has ever faced the challenge of the Bose Family Corn Maze or done some picking at a local blueberry farm has a memorable reminder of this fact. In fact, there’s a nationally popular annual Blueberry festival in Cloverdale, one of Surrey’s six official communities. Cloverdale, near Surrey’s Eastern boundary with the City of Langley, is also host to one of Canada’s largest rodeos.

Six Great Communities Worth Moving To
Each of Surrey’s other five communities has it’s own unique appeal. North Surrey (often referred to as City Centre or Whalley) is the urban heart of Surrey. It includes facilities such as the beautiful Simon Fraser University, uniquely attached to one of Greater Vancouver’s largest shopping malls, Central City, and just steps away from the Skytrain.

Some people moving to Surrey are more attracted by the suburban feel of centrally-located Fleetwood, others to Guildford, a higher density neighbourhood with a wealth of recreational and shopping opportunities and a close proximity to the Port Mann Bridge and Trans-Canada Highway. Among Newton’s appeal is a a thriving business and district and a popular indoor wave pool. South Surrey is an exciting, rapidly growing community of beaches, mountain views, and parks. South Surrey puts on a fine and welcoming display at it’s most Southern point, the Canada-U.S. border and Peace Arch Park, where the famous 20 metre Peace Arch rises on the exact international boundary a monument of longstanding peace between the two nations.

Ready for your move to one of these six great Surrey communities? Make a simple, smart move by calling or emailing Kary Movers today to make your upcoming Surrey move as easy as easy can be!