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Give Yourself a Stress-Free Langley Move
It may sound cliche’ to say “Langley has it all,” but it’s an impossible statement not to make, whether you’re a long-time resident here or have recently moved to Langley. If by some chance you’re not planning to move to Langley, we can only say, “why not?” If it’s simply the thought of the stresses involved with moving, as long time Langley movers, Kary Movers has the experience and knowledge that you will come to appreciate: including our “11 Moving Tips” that are sure to make moving much easier. Give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to work with you and for you on your next move.

Liveable Langley
Langley: how shall we describe thee? Urban, suburban or rural? The tongue-in-cheek answer is is “yes!” The beauty of Langley, or rather, the “two Langleys”– City and Township– is purely in the eye of the beholder. And if you have both the eye and the need for diversity, Langley is a find! To change the scenery, one barely has to drive but a few minutes down the road. You can take an urban or suburban trip around Langley and barely leave the farm. You can just as easily also take a leisurely country drive and barely leave the stresses of urban life behind.

While many are moving to Langley, from the “big city” or some other part of Canada (or the world), a growing number are opting to move within Langley. This city is oh-so-adaptable, which is why a change in life circumstances need not lead one to a move away from Langley. Cross-Langley moves are frequent, and often influenced by demands and requirements of the mover’s current stage of life. Living in Langley is truly living in the Langley of your choice. There are as many reason to live here as there are residents.

We’ve Come a Long Way From “Drive Through” Langley
There was a time not so long ago when Langley was a place about which many would exclaim, “just passing through.” And not just people, but a also lines from four railways, as well as Canada’s iconic Trans Canada Highway. But, while Langley will continue to remain, in the bigger picture, a geographic point on the passageway between Vancouver and BC’s interior, it will also continue to become what a growing number have discovered as place to establish roots.

Simon Fraser, traveling through the Sto:lo territory in 1808, noted the impressive cedar plank houses of the Kwantlen village in what is now the Township of Langley. Europeans discovered early in the nineteenth century what perhaps many centuries of First Nations already knew, that this beautiful, rich area was not just a place to pass through, but a place to move to.

Some of first Europeans in the area now known as the Lower Mainland thought Langley, specifically Fort Langley, was a pretty fine place to plunk themselves down and brace themselves for winter. But after a couple of winters came and went, they must have been greatly relieved that myths of harsh Canadian winters were, indeed just myths– at least in comparison to the reality of life in the much more temperate climate of the West Coast.

A Not-So-Well-Kept Secret
The centuries-old “secret” of a place to stay, live, work and play is becoming less and less so as not only each year but as each month goes by. More and more people are moving to Langley, which itself is a city on the move and a city “well-connected,” with transportation links via the Translink bus and skytrain system to the other municipalities of Greater Vancouver. The 2009 opening of the Golden Ears Bridge strengthened the connection and shortened the traveling distance between Langley and Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows.

Two Langleys Are Better Than One
Langley itself is something of a tale of two “cities:” Langley the city and Langley the township. As a city, Langley has the typical conveniences of a small urban centre. The busy downtown core includes the centrally located Douglas Park with a permanent stage, a library, and a transportation hub to the township and neighbouring municipalities.

The Township of Langley is a mixture of a suburban and rural components which make it so attractive, perhaps especially those wanting to escape the congestion of Vancouver. The Willoughby and Willowbrook, for example, are areas have a modern suburban feel. But in the same township lie historic, older areas like Fort Langley and Murrayville.

With a significant portion of its land located within the Agricultural Land Reserve, much of the Township is rural– and positively so for both the farmers and agri-business owners and workers who choose to enjoy a rural lifestyle. Many families have been doing that for multiple generations. Many longtime urban or suburban dwellers have made the move to rural Langley as a deliberate lifestyle choice. Others are happy to simply have the change of scenery so close at hand: wineries, equestrian centres, golf courses, and numerous parks and green spaces.

Choose Your Langley
There’s a Langley lifestyle that’s right for you. Kary Movers looks forward to helping you make it a smooth lifestyle move. Reach out to us today.