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Langley Movers

If it’s simply the thought of the stresses involved with moving, as long time Langley movers, Kary Movers have the experience and knowledge that you will come to appreciate: including our “11 Moving Tips” that are sure to make moving much easier. Give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to work with you and for you on your next move… Read More

Surrey Movers

Experience counts when it comes to moving. How many people know, for example, what length of moving truck one would need to move three or four rooms worth of belongings? The answer is 16 feet. For professional Surrey movers like Kary, it’s an easy calculation. In fact, making it “easy” is what it’s all about for Kary Movers… Read More

Vancouver Movers

Move to Vancouver, and you’ll not only be the envy of your friends and relatives who don’t have the pleasure of living here. You’ll be the envy of the entire world. Since you’re joining a population with a reputation of being relaxed, it makes sense to hire movers who will help take the stress out of your move. Read what “Lesley” says, for example. Her move with Kary Movers, she says, “was the most stress-free move of my life!”… Read More

Abbotsford Movers

When surveyor John Cunningham Maclure, among those sent by the Crown in the late 1850s to establish Canada’s border with the United States, first laid eyes on the Matsqui Prairie, he reportedly said, “This is the promised land.” Not surprisingly, McClure was one of the first to take the Crown upon its land-grant offers and settle here. What could possibly top moving to the promised land?… Read More