Some Practical Reasons to Unpack your Coffee Pot First

Aug 19, 2018Blog0 comments

Coffee lover? After your upcoming move, here’s why you’ll want to unpack your coffee pot before anything else.

Most people finding drinking coffee pretty rewarding at the end of moving, or as a caffeine boost to help them unpack just a few more things before calling it a day. But this delightful beverage can have an impact well beyond the delights it delivers to your taste buds and caffeine-craving brain.

Coffee and coffee grounds have a multitude of uses around the house, in the garden and even your skin. Hopefully, you’re already re-using coffee grounds for things like composting. But there are so many other things coffee can do!

One of the first things you’ll want to use coffee grounds for after your move is for deodorizing unpleasant kitchen smells that you’ve inherited– including freezer and refrigerator odours. Simply place a small bowl of coffee grounds anywhere you want odours absorbed.

Coffee grounds can help clean grimy, grease-stained objects such as pots and pans, too. Just be that light-colored items that might be prone to staining.

If you find yourself with the unenviable job of cleaning your new home’s fireplace, sprinkle any leftover ashes with coffee grounds to prevent dust and ash from spreading around the room.

Coffee isn’t just a good cleaner and “air conditioner.” It’s a good fixer, too. Light furniture scratches? Rub damp grounds onto the mark and behold an instant improvement.

Another cosmetic use of coffee is putting those lovely brown beans at the bottom of clear vases. You can then use the vases to store your makeup brushes or pens– but with a touch of class.

Coffee grounds will help your indoor and outdoor gardens grow, too. Their nitrogen in them can help fertilize plants that require acidic soil, such as roses and hydrangeas.

Trying to keep pets and other critters away from your plants? Sprinkle a mixture of coffee grounds and orange peels in the area. They’re  especially effective against ants and slugs, too.

Your body loves coffee, too

For smoother skin, mix coffee grounds into regular body lotion to make it exfoliating.  Cellulite? Caffeine is an ingredient found in many skin creams to help reduce its appearance. But you also can go straight to the source. Just mix warm grounds with any basic massage oil and rub onto skin.

At Kary Movers can look at your coffee grounds and predict your future. If you put at least some of the above tips to work, we predict a more worry-free, trouble-free new home. And if you choose us to take care of your next move, we predict a more worry free move, too. Without caffeine-style jitters.  Contact us and we’ll provide a no-obligation quote and guaranteed rate. Phone 1.877.687.1746.  Or, feel free to request a quote onlineWe’re friendly, helpful and local.  And we’re big fans of coffee, too.