Settling In After Your Move

Mar 11, 2016Blog0 comments

1024px-Downtown_Vancouver_SunsetLet’s look into the future just a bit. Ahh, I see your future is indeed bright. You’ve made a great decision to move to a Greater Vancouver neighbourhood that you just love– and you’ve just watched Kary Movers unload that last box. The move is complete!

You made the right decision in hiring Kary. Now, back to the present— and reality. With the help of this blog you’ll be settling in and enjoying your new home and neighbourhood in record time. But before you say “check and mate” in the moving game, you need to check some things on your to-do list in order to create that happy move in the near future.

You may not be a big fan of to-do lists, but trust us, you’ll be glad you did. The good news: there are only three “tasks” on this this to do list are hardly tasks at all, compared to the heavy lifting Kary Movers has done on your behalf– and first task will likely take you less than two minutes.

Safety and peace of mind first

Maybe the safest thing you’ve done so far is hiring Kary Movers. You’ll keep your back is safe, your walls safe from nicks and “bruises” and your precious belongings safe and sound in-transit. Now, have a quick look around your new place, preferably before you move in. Two important things to look for are the circuit breaker and water shut-off are located. In the heat of the moment, you can’t afford be either fumbling around in the dark or wading through water looking for these two important features of your new home. And, while you’re at it, check the smoke detector, a quick check now that could save your life in the future.

Make it your brand of clean

Your new home will have most likely been cleaned before you moved in, but you want it done your way, right? Wait a minute, you say. “Clean before I begin unpacking? Isn’t that like shoveling my walk while it’s snowing or washing my car in the rain?” No. This is your rare opportunity to clean unhindered, especially the bathroom– the most clutter-prone area of most homes. Make sure you pack a “move-in essentials bag”– containing such tantalizing items as toilet scrubber and disinfectant wipes– so you can add your personal finishing and disinfecting touch on your new place.

You will, of course, also need to do an post-unpacking cleanup, but take an immediate opportunity to get into nooks and crannies before you put your furniture or storage boxes in place. And it’s really somebody else’s bathroom and kitchen until you’ve erased those memories with sanitization.

Which box?

Resist the urge to unpack everything on move-in day– otherwise it may be the day that never ends. Prioritize. Set your bedroom first, so that you don’t feel like you’re sleeping in a warehouse. A sense of “home” very important for kids on that first day, too. Unpack some of their favourite toys or books to keep them occupied while you try to set up the house.

Next, the kitchen. We’d love to say make yourself a nice dinner on moving day. But really, even if you’re normally not one to eat pizza out of a box, moving day is the perfect day to do it. But don’t fall into a fast-food a habit. Think ahead to the next morning and have the essentials handy: napkins, a frying pan, a toaster, a coffee maker, plates, mugs and at least enough utensils to get you up and running that first home-cooked meal.

Next, bathrooms. Unpack the basics: toiletries, bathroom mats and shower curtain. Put some fresh towels out, and you are set to enjoy your first day or two in your new abode. By creating at least a semblance of order in the key living areas of bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, you’ll have taken the first step to making your new house a home. And you won’t have lost all your senses. You’ll need to keep them more “settling in” talks in the days and weeks ahead.

A sensible plan is in order when it comes to avoiding moving disorder. That might sound like moving is a disease. It doesn’t have to be– and you don’t need to fear like one. But if you can’t shake moving fears, let the moving doctors, Kary Movers, treat you. We know that careful pre-move and post-move planning makes perfect. Hiring careful, courteous and experienced movers Kary Movers, will help keep things according to plan.

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