Prepping Your Home to Sell

Feb 26, 2016Moving Tips0 comments

Sprucing Up to Sell. Prepping Your Home to Sell Faster.


In Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, there’s quite a current buzz about house-flipping– buying a home with the idea of quickly reselling in order to make a fast profit in the atmosphere of ever rising house prices. However, keep in mind that most prospective buyers are looking at your home with the purpose of making it comfortable and liveable, with thoughts of reselling only in the distant future. They’re not flippers, although they may love dolphins. They’re people who probably share a least a few things in common with you and your family. That’s the big picture to keep in mind when considering how to make your home more sellable.

When homes are selling in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, Kary Movers is moving– so needless to say, we’re busy. But, we’re not too busy to move you with professionalism and care. We’re also not too busy to offer you a few tips on home improvements for the home you’re currently trying to sell– or that will soon be on the market.

When it comes to considering what improvements you should make to your soon-to-be-sold home, it’s important put yourself in shoes of a typical buyer. It’s much better to make practical changes than extravagant ones. Practical improvements are generally less of financial setback. Not only that, but they can increase your home’s sale price. Keep in mind that if there are obvious, and even potentially costly improvements, including things that might be downright hazardous, take care of them.

Trying to sell your home is not comparable to selling a lemon of a used car before skipping town– we hope. Almost every buyer is going to order a home inspection. All will be revealed. So why delay the sales process by hitting a repair-related snag when the sales process is otherwise going well? At Kary Movers, we’ll do our part to make your local or long-distance move a smooth one, and we want to help ensure that it’s not one that takes place after a bumpy home-selling ride.

From the Outside In

Start with the outside of your home first. Obviously, if it’s starting to look like the Bates Motel of the neighbourhood, then start with exterior improvements if you want them to look inside and see that there isn’t any damage to the shower curtain or knives embedded in the bathroom wall. Okay, so that’s a bit extreme. Just make sure you focus on the exterior basics to make it desirable for prospective buyers to have a closer look.

Often the tunnel vision of a busy life prevents us from having a close look around our neighbourhood. But now that you’re planning a move, it’s wise to look at the exteriors of your good neighbours’ homes to get an idea or two for sprucing up your own. But it’s more critical to deal with obviously needed work.

How are your roof’s shingles? Do they look like they need repairing. The roof itself? Are you experiencing any leaks? How about the windows? Any leak repair or replacement needed? Get right down to the foundation. Any basement leaks being caused by foundational problems? Little issues in these areas inevitably turn into big ones.

You may have become accustomed to some minor leaks and hardly give them a second thought, putting repairs off ’til “next spring,” which comes and goes all too rapidly within the haste of life. However, your buyer will notice the “little big things” and it can result in a devaluation of your home in the buyers mind and thus a low offer– or worse, a lost sale.

All Systems Go?

Electrical, heating, air conditioning and plumbing system issues are going to be obvious to any inspector commissioned by your prospective buyer. So again, it’s better to take care of these issues now. If your potential buyers see that you’ve done your due diligence in identifying issues and making necessary repairs, their buying switches will be more readily activated.

Some Practical and Healthy Painting Advice

You don’t need to go paint-crazy, but a fresh coat in the main living areas of your home can be a transformer– and make potential buyers warmer. It freshens up the space without breaking your bank account. Industry experts recommend low or VOC-free paint. This type of paint tends to be more asthma & allergy friendly, with a durable, washable film and virtual odorless– not to mention more environmentally friendly than many other paints.

Hiring careful, conscientious movers like Kary Movers, will help keep the paint on the walls at moving time– and keep all your belongings safe and in good condition. For more tips on getting ready for your move to Vancouver, the Fraser Valley or beyond, visit our blog []. We’d love to hear from you! Talk to us by calling 1-877-687-1746, email us at Or, make an online query.