Planning your move with small kids

Jan 15, 2022Blog0 comments

Packing up your life and settling into a whole new community is hard enough as an adult. Throwing small kids into the mix makes moving a bit more complicated. Children want consistency and certainty. They tend to dislike change, and moving is a huge change. With a move, they won’t be in the house they grew up in and they won’t see their friends as often. Many children experience moving anxiety and express outright disapproval of their decisions by acting up.

Still, hauling the little ones does not need to be an added source of stress so long as you ensure they feel safe and comfortable during the moving process. Here are some tips when planning your move with small kids.

1. Be transparent with your kids about the move

Don’t leave announcing the move until the last minute. Your children need time to adjust, and they probably won’t appreciate such a big ‘surprise’. Sit them down and tell them as a family. It may take some time to process, but the more upfront you are, the better it is. You’ll want to be the first person to break it to them, so they know they can trust you.

2. Remind them of what they can look forward to

Focus on the positive sides of the move. Bringing up a move may lead to opposition, but stay firm. Tell them about their new house (maybe even show pictures), school, and exciting parts of their new neighbourhood. Home is a special place, but it is not about the house you live in. Listen to their concerns and clarify what and who is coming. It isn’t a bad idea to go on a little adventure to help them get acquainted with their new home. Particularly for younger kids, see our tips for tantrum-free moving

Driving by and checking some of the popular spots might help them adjust to the idea. You can also visit some of the spots that might become important to them to calm some of their nerves and create a positive association with the new place.

3. Start planning early

Who knows how long you’ll spend watching your kids instead of packing away their belongings. Start packing up and preparing well in advance to account for any delays. Create a packing schedule and list mealtimes. If you really want to take it to the next level, figure out what you’re going to eat each week and cook it in advance, so you spend less time scouring through the kitchen.

Pack your bags overnight and make sure your child is taken to your new home in a non-moving vehicle.

4. Get your kids involved

Some small kids love attention. That means bins get left half full and it takes twice as long to get tasks complete. Now imagine if a pair of little hands helped you do your work. If they are old enough to fold their clothes or fill up bins with their toys, let them help out. It’ll keep them occupied and make the work go by faster.

Brainstorm a few things they can do and create a to-do list they can work on. You can turn it into a game if you need to make it more fun. Allow them to be part of the decision-making process.

5. Give them the day off

If your kids are extra hyper (or on days when you’re dealing with projects that require more focus), letting them crash at another house might be the move. Keeping track of your kids while you moves adds more work to your plate. If possible, drop them off at a friend’s/grandparent’s house. Keep younger kids occupied with small tasks so they don’t get in the way.

6. Throw out their old stuff

Moving is a wonderful time to rid your kids of their old, forgotten toys. Give their toys a second home and new life by donating them. Do it at night, so they won’t notice. For toys they are carrying with them, pack them last and let them keep a few close by to bring comfort, security, and peace.

7. Be patient with your kids

Your kids won’t adjust to their new home automatically. Even while offering them a lot of information about their new school, address, neighbourhood, and the reason for moving, expect that it’ll take some adjusting.

Moving soon?

Moving with kids means more things to work out logically. Kary Movers aim to smooth the transition by taking the burden off your back. We offer quality, reliable, fast, and professional moving for local, commercial, and long-distance moves. Get in touch if you need help moving out or in.