Planning an office move? We’re ready, are you?

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Smooth Business

Whatever the reason for moving your office, Kary Movers will help you help make it a smooth one– and the smoother the move, the less downtime for your business.  For that reason, Kary Movers are the office movers of choice for many Greater Vancouver businesses. We’re here when you need us for the heavy lifting and so much more. Just make sure to let us know up front of your priorities to ensure we exceed your expectations. But there are a few things that you’ll need to do as well.

Clients and Customers First

You’re a client-centered office, no doubt. Offering better service to your clients may very well be the reasons you are moving your office.  So, keep them in the loop. Will you be closing during the move or reducing your hours? A customer finding a door looked is never a good thing. Let them know ahead of time when you’ll be open for business and it will save you a lot of phone calls, or worse– losing clients to your competitors. In other words, let your customers know your plan for servicing them during the transition.

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All Hands on Deck?

It’s equally important to keep everyone in your office in the loop, starting with a pre-move conference with office managers. Communicate with all employees to ensure they know their roles and responsibilities prior to and during the move. There will be employees and managers who are happy to step aside on moving day, while others who are perhaps a little too eager to help. In the latter case, those employees are more than likely to be more of a hindrance rather than a help for movers. Limiting employee participation on move day is an important part of a successful office move. Keep everybody informed– and keep them out of the way and make way for Vancouver office moving speciialists, Kary Movers.

Where Does This Cable Go?

For safety’s sake, leave electrical or plumbing connection and disconnection to electricians and plumbers. As Vancouver office movers, Kary’s focus and expertise is, of course, moving. Not electrical work. Not plumbing. Nor are they experts on the workings of office equipment, so it’s important to be well-organized and prepared for all the disconnections and reconnections that need to be done.

Save yourself some grief and potential extra costs by ensuring you office equipment has been properly prepped for moving. This includes removing any liquids and ensuring removable parts are packed and labeled. You’ve probably noticed that equipment never seems to go back into a box as easily as it came out new. Equipment packing can be a challenge. It may be worth hiring a technical specialist to pack certain items. Then, simply let Kary Movers do the rest.

Experience the Difference

At Kary Movers, we have experience in moving office equipment, computers and furniture and understand the special care required in moving it from here to there. Kary always take great care packing, loading, moving, and delivery of  your office to it’s new destination. Again, let us emphasize– the smoother the move, the less downtime for your business.