Packing Mistakes: Your Belongings are Out of Sight, You’re Out of Your Mind

Apr 22, 2016Blog0 comments

Pizza time on moving day is an awkward time to realize that you’ve packed all your dishes at the bottom of a box– and you’re not sure which one. At this point, you also wish you’d bought those colour-coded labels at the dollar store.

The fact is, moving day is a crazy time. Even when the most well-organized people are surprised with a whole bunch of random stuff that has been accumulating behind couches, under beds and behind dressers for year, something weird happens.

Faced with moving-time surprises, people often lose their sanity and make poor and sometimes hasty decisions. This is not a good thing on moving day — since sometimes those tucked-away things are the most valuable ones — and the same ones that get accidentally left behind or tossed out in the move-out madness. We deal with things that commonly get left behind in our Things People Forget When Moving blog. (Check it out!)

Aside from stuff that gets lost accidentally thrown out at moving time is the stress of suddenly needing stuff you know you’ve packed, but where? Part of the problem could be that you simply have too much stuff.

Most people make two mistakes when they begin packing for a move. First, they start packing weeks or months in advance, instead of spending that time relieving themselves of things they really didn’t need. Second, they throw everything in boxes because it’s easier than making decisions about their stuff. Either extreme is almost guaranteed to peak the stress meter on moving day.

The one-word solution to to having boxes sitting around weeks or even months before moving day is: “declutter.” You should become a familiar face at your local Vallue Village up to the time you move.

Here’s the criteria to ensure maximum declutter: do you use it regularly or love it dearly? If not, it’s time to say good-bye to it– via donation or yard sale. (Check out Kary Movers’ blog full of yard sale tips.)

Wait, not so quick!

After you declutter and before you anxiously throw stuff in boxes, save yourself some stress and feel free to use the following as a checklist of things not to pack until the last moment:

  • broom and dust pan
  • basic cleaning supplies like paper towels, cleaning cloths, cleaning liquid
  • coffee maker
  • toilet paper
  • toiletries
  • toilet plunger
  • cellphone and computer charging cords

And last, but not least, your medication. “Now where did I pack those memory pills?” Also, missing toilet paper and diahrrea medication at the same time is doubly painful.

Here’s a number to remember: 1-877-687-1746. In fact, it’s best to call us now before you forget your questions about packing, packing supplies (which we sell), or anything at all related to moving. You can also email us at or make an online inquiry and request a moving quote. We look forward to getting you into your new home and unpacking some positive memories.