Moving Trucks

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5423388_sAn important step when moving is choosing from among companies that hire out moving trucks and services. Moving all of your possessions can be a huge undertaking; and it can also be very stressful, partly because you are briefly entrusting  your belongings to others. It’s important to be informed about steps you can take to ensure a good experience with the moving truck company you use. The following tips related to moving trucks are designed to help make your moving day run smoothly, with no unpleasant surprises.

Plan Ahead

If you are moving during the summer, you are moving at the peak time. According to research, the last days of these peak months are especially hectic. If your move happens to fall during the busy season, be sure to reserve your moving truck at least two weeks ahead of schedule. Give yourself time to shop around for the best deals and moving trucks.

Compare Reviews

Do some research on moving trucks before choosing the company you will hire. Contact friends and family to find out if they have any recommendations on who to hire or companies to carefully avoid. Also, take advantage of this great information age, in which consumers easily share their good and bad experiences on numerous social media sites. Be sure to find out what others have to say before settling on a mover.

Estimate the Size of the Truck Needed

The worst mistake you can make, as regards size of the truck, is to ask for a truck that is too small and requires the need for more than one trip. Companies with moving trucks have truck size almost down to a science and can recommend, for example, a 10-foot moving truck for up to two rooms of belongings. For up to four rooms, a 16-foot truck is usually recommended.  Online tools are available with some companies, which help to determine the size of truck needed.

Compare Cost

Some of the details which determine rates for moving trucks are: the size of the truck, the distance to be traveled, and the date of the move. Rates are often higher during the busy season and anytime the trucks are in high demand. Moving midweek is usually less expensive than a weekend move. Ask the moving companies whether or not their estimates are binding. If a supposedly firm estimate is quickly given over the phone, it’s best not to hire that company. Reputable companies are honest about the fact that the ultimate cost of moving is based on many details, such as the total volume of everything being moved, how many stairs or levels are involved, and whether there are heavy objects, such as a grand piano.

Study the Contract

Movers issue consumers a legal contract referred to as a bill of lading. Be careful that you understand the details of the agreement before signing it. Keep your copy of the contract, in case you need it later on, possibly to prove that the terms were not kept by the moving company. Be sure the moving company’s name is on the contract as well as time of pickup, acceptable methods of payment, and minimum and maximum amounts to be paid.

Ensure Insurance Coverage

It is unlikely that your possessions will be insured against breakage unless the movers are paid to pack for you. Neither homeowners’ insurance nor renters’ insurance typically cover possessions when they are en route from one residence to the other. For lengthy moves, it’s a good idea to purchase relocation or moving insurance.