Moving Tips

We realize moving is one of the top stressful times in persons life. We have given you a few moving tips below to help your move go as smooth as possible.

Take inventory of your belongings before they are packed. You may want to take pictures and record serial numbers of electronic equipment and keep them in a secure place.

Proper packing is the most important thing that you can do to save time. However, don’t save all of your packing for the last day. Pack items you won’t be needing until after your move into your new place.

Make sure to pack heavier things like books and canned goods in smaller boxes, and pack lighter things in larger boxes.

Be sure to safely store all hardware from furniture that you take apart in a safe place. You want to be able to find them quickly and easily later.

Be sure to thoroughly wrap fragile items individually with paper or bubble wrap. Whenever possible lay plates on their sides (avoid laying them flat, as the weight is distributed just at the bottom and could cause the plates to break). Glasses should be packed standing up, making them stronger than if they were laid on their side.

Label all cartons with the contents and room it belongs to, such as the bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Marking your boxes will make identifying where things are easier, as well as make it easier for your movers to unload your belongings into the correct rooms.

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