Piano MovesYou’re not likely to hear the words, “He played the piano like it was heavy and bulky, yet fragile” in a music review.  But those words tell it like it is– no matter who’s playing it. The phrase “tickling the ivories” is most apt. Pianos are extremely delicate instruments.  Not only are the outsides of pianos easily scratched, the insides are even more fragile.

Whether you have a baby grand piano or an apartment size upright, Kary Movers understands the fragility and delicacy of your beloved instrument.  You may have seen our movie, “Three Men and a Baby Grand.” We’re kidding, of course, but we are serious about piano moving.

At Kary Movers, we take pride in preparing, moving and setting up of our customers’ pianos– from taking off the first leg to tightening the last bolt.  There’s no need to put a bright yellow “handle with care” sticker on this beautiful instrument.  We understand that if even a single string is damaged in transit, the overall sound is affected.  That means costly repairs.  Moving a piano is not for a do-it-yourselfer!

How do Kary’s professional movers handle your piano? First and foremost, by not playing it.  Instead, they’ll securely close the keyboard prior to moving, primarily to protect it from damage but also to ensure that they aren’t tempted to tickle the ivories while moving it.  We’ve heard that it’s difficult business playing a piano while lifting it up three flights of stairs and we’re not about to put this to the test at your expense. Speaking of expense, we know how valuable your piano is not only sentimentally but financially.  Rest assured, at Kary Movers we include insurance coverage on all your possessions– the ones that make music and the ones that don’t.

Before we move your piano so much as an inch, we’ll cover it entirely with blankets and padding and use a special dolly or wooden planks to keep the pressure off the legs.  We want to emphasize that we do this before the move and not after an accident, while waiting for emergency help to arrive. (That might be something one of our less experienced competitors might do, but not us.) Kary Movers will also make sure the piano remains upright at all times to prevent damage to the piano’s mechanics.  Again, this might sound more like an emergency procedure for an accident victim, but for us it’s a precautionary measure strictly enforced while we move your piano.

What’s more than a “grand”?

Your piano is indeed your baby and we at Kary Movers treat it lovingly and oh-so-carefully.   Pianos normally weigh in excess of 300 pounds– more if it’s a baby grand (which we think should more appropriately be called a “ten” or “twenty” grand).

Speaking of money, if you don’t care for medical bills and the high cost of losing your mobility due to a broken back or other serious injury, do not under any circumstances attempt the impossible or barely possible— that, is move a piano with just yourself and a few well-intentioned friends or family members.  This rule applies even your volunteer help is  strong and healthy. More people means more backs, legs, arms, hands, toes, fingers, to crush, bruise, strain… well, you get the picture.  It can also crush perfectly healthy relationships.

If we haven’t convinced you yet to commission Kary’s careful movers to move your piano, consider the potential damage to walls and doors and anything (or anyone) else in its path.  If you and your helpers are lucky enough to leave your old place unscathed, will you be lucky to repeat the performance at your new home?  It’s much better to trust Kary’s piano movers and let your next performance take place while sitting at your perfectly healthy piano, playing “Rhapsody in Blue” or (for variety) “Chantilly Lace and a Purty Face.”

We apologize if we are belaboring the point of warning you of the dangers of moving your piano yourself.  But hopefully by now you see that the extra cost to hire professionals can actually be a potential and considerable cost savings.

And now, the finale

The short advice for piano moving in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley? Save time, save money, save property, save your health, save your relationships.  Save your piano, too, for a future piano-playing career, or simply for decades of continuous enjoyment by you and your family.

At Kary Movers, we’ll make sure your recent rendition of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, 1st movement, isn’t your piano’s last movement. It’s all about making the right move now with, Kary. Contact us.