Piano Movers

Service Overview

Have you ever boxed yourself into a corner, literally or figuratively? Trust us, this question relates to piano moving. One unfortunate piano-moving situation is when a homeowner renovates their home without considering their beloved instrument, and the possibility that they may need to move it to a new location someday.

For example — and this is a real-life situation from our own experience — someone has decided to put a new staircase into their home. Their piano went up the original staircase just fine. But what goes up, doesn’t necessarily go down. At least not the same way it went up, thanks to the design of the new staircase. So, when moving time comes, what happened? The piano went out the window. Relax, piano lovers. It traveled gently, slowly, and well-padded, by crane.

At Kary Moving, we’ve moved all types of pianos under all circumstances. Some piano moves are extreme, but most, thank goodness, don’t involve a crane. Each situation is as unique as each piano: whether it’s a full-size, apartment size, upright, baby grand, or player piano. If you’re planning to move your piano, it’s essential to have experienced professionals to take on the job.

For example, as professional movers, Kary knows that prepping and moving a baby grand piano is more labour-intensive than a regular upright. If it’s a baby grand, we remove its top hinges before moving — and we make sure all the components are flush. We then lift it off the ground a couple of inches and turn it onto its side. It’s a bit tough for some piano lovers to watch, but trust us — we’re like caring medical professionals carefully transporting a patient (sometimes a “baby” even).

If it’s an upright piano and your house has stairs, we bring a gurney. Oops, we mean piano skid. If there are no stairs, generally we pad it carefully and walk it out. (A piano isn’t a portable instrument, except to us.) We then place it on a four-wheel dolly for the careful ride to its new destination.

We’re careful to dismantle everything that needs to come off and pad up the individual pieces, as well as the piano itself. And’ along with padding, we use generous amounts of shrink wrap as necessary to protect the outside. We’re concerned about protecting both your instrument’s inner components and its outer finish, too.

Whether you’re planning to move everything in your house or just the piano, contact us or get a quote.