Long Distance MovingConnections are important when it comes to business and romance. And business or romance may be one of reasons you’re facing a long-distance move, with all its joys and dreads. It’s not only important to have connections– it’s important that your moving company has connections, the business kind, that is. The romantic kind is too distracting in getting your much-loved stuff from point A to that distant point B. So be wise, be Kary-full. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

At Kary Movers, we’ll handle your possessions with experience and care at Point A. And we’ll make connections with the right movers at Point B.  The goal: to ensure your possessions are treated with the same consideration at the destination — your new home in a new province, city or country — as Kary treats them with at your current residence in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley.


How many times have you heard stories about your friends’ or family members’ story of despair surrounding a long-distance move? Or worse, you may have your own tearful moving tale to tell. This is all the more reason to trust Kary Movers experience and expertise when it comes to your upcoming long-distance move. With Kary you’ll save yourself from PMSD: post-moving stress disorder.

Sometimes cost is one of the first stresses of long distance moving.  A little knowledge your part will go a long distance to getting yourself mentally and financially prepared for your move.  While costs for local moves are generally calculated by the hour, long distance moving costs are based on the weight of your shipment and the distance from your current home to your future one. An accurate estimate is key to budgeting for your long distance move.

Our long distance routes can be serviced with a direct truck or with a 52 foot trailer through our long distance carriers. Our direct truck route is convenient for our customers that want their goods only handled on the initial loading and unloading. Our long distance carrier route is good for customers that are looking for a less expensive rate, due to the multiple shipments on the trailer.


We take extreme care when transferring goods from the local truck directly onto the trailer or at the hub.  We’re especially attentive and experienced with pianos, arcade games, valuable family heirlooms, antiques and collectibles.

The bottom line is, we ensure your possessions are carefully moved, and tracked all the way to their final destination.  And, if the move involves storage and transfer of your belongings, Kary Movers ensures that all is done in good and careful order by a knowledgeable and reputable mover.

We ensure that the movers partnering with us in getting your possessions safely to their destination treat them with the care and expertise we do at Kary Moving.  That’s no small order, but we do everything to ensure it’s done right so you can rest easy even in the middle of a big move. Contact Us.