Long Distance Moves

Service Overview

Long-distance moves require special care and attention. At Kary Movers, we use extra caution on long-haul moves because of the extra distance we need to travel with your belongings. And for your peace of mind, we make sure that your goods are not only gently treated, but they’re also fully insured, “just in case.”

Moving is stressful. It’s even more stressful when you don’t have the confidence your movers are taking the same care with your belongings as they would with theirs. Kary’s professionalism and experience come into full play when’s it’s time to handle your long-distance moves within BC, as well as to Alberta locations. You can rest easy, knowing we’ll treat your belongings with the utmost care. However there are things you can do to ensure a smoother and safer moving experience.

Despite the lack of heavy-lifting on your part (whew!), you’re a pivotal part of our moving team. One of your key roles is communicating your needs to us. It’s our duty to listening carefully, give you expert advice, and keep you in the loop from the planning stages to the grand finale of the moving process.

Planning and preparation: we’re in this with you

Even before we’ve lifted a thing, we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule as much as possible. While we often perform rush moves, keep in mind that a quick move may not be possible on the exact day that you request. Long distance rush moves are particularly challenging, especially at the ever-popular end-of-month times. However, even with a short lead time, we’ll work hard to accommodate you.

If yours is a month-end move, it’s best to book by the end of the first week of the month. If you can book even further in advance, all the better! The more lead time you can give us, the better the chances that we’ll be able to book your move in tandem with other shipments going to or from the same destination. This form of “ride-sharing” potentially reduces our costs and we’re happy to pass the savings your way.

Packing it all up

We pack for long-distance moves with extra care and attention– from filling boxes to prepping large items. Our cautious approach doesn’t stop there. When we load your boxed and unboxed items on our trucks, we’ll ensure that everything is snug and as jostle-free as possible.

If you’re packing and preparing all or some of your own belongings, remember that your things may be traveling hundreds of kilometers. Multiple teams of workers may also be handling your belongings. So, make sure that everything you box up is well padded.

The more planning and prep work you can do, the smoother your move will be. There are a lot of things you can do to make your move faster, more economical, more seamless and less stressful.
Check our pre-move to-do list as well as our other blogs for a boxload of helpful tips for all types of moves.

At Kary Movers, we look forward to going the distance for you in every way– from the estimate and booking, to the well-padded trip, to the unloading of the last piece of furniture.

So, make the first move and contact us or get a moving quote.