800px-Seawall_VancouverLocal moving.  It should be a breeze.  It’s not like its half-way across the continent or on the far side of the planet. Just for the record, here on the west coast, we’re on the near side. But moving, like life itself, is not always the breeze we want it to be.  Sometimes it a hurricane.  So, for anyone who ever took their brother-in-law at his word that he could lift a piano up three flights of stairs singlehandedly, even a local move can conjure up vivid and nightmarish memories as well as chronic back pain– even if it didn’t involve a brother-in-law lifting a piano.  It may have involved “professionals” such as two strong men and a banjo– which turned out to be a once-strong man and one for musical accompaniment. (And that’s not a banjo he’s trying to play as the other does heavy lifting. That’s your guitar!)

It’s okay, take a deep breath. You’re in good hands. Kary Movers is local to the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley and they know the area like the back of those good, strong hands. Our clean-cut professionals will get you from Alpha Avenue to Beta Avenue in Burnaby just as smoothly as easily as from Yale Road in Chilliwack to Yaletown in Vancouver.  What we’re saying is it’s E-Z for us to get you from A-Z locally.  Experience and expertise count for local moves as well as for long-distance.  Kary Movers does both with style and even grace so that you can settle in without having to settle your nerves first.

At Kary Movers, we make local moves convenient for you, from the initial inquiry to the final unloading. Simply call, email or use our handy online form. If you have an estimated weight of your shipment, information for us on oversized pieces of furniture, flights of stairs, elevators or any special moving requirements, that helps us make it the smoothest move  possible. So, a little homework on your part makes the big day that much easier for you and for us.

Giving us too much information at the booking stage definitely trumps sketchy details. But for now, just to make it easier, the only information we need to have is your name, email, moving date and number of bedrooms at your new palace.

If yours is a BC Ministry assisted move, please have the ministry phone number and fax number, available for us, along with a complete list of items to be moved (including estimated number of boxes, bags and totes). Please include this information on the form.

Because we like to keep it simple, our local moving is usually charged at an hourly rate. However, we offer flat rate quotes on larger moves.  We also include freight insurance on your belongings at no extra charge.  If moves were music we’d be a soft wave of smooth jazz instead of out-of-tune dueling banjos.