Local Moves

Service Overview

What do you think of when you hear the words “local move”? Setting up a home in a new local neighbourhood or to a nearby city? That’s usually the case. But in some of our moves, the home’s contents never leave the house! For us, it means a little in-house (literally) magic. It’s a bit more effort than waving a wand and making the contents of one room appear in another. But we’ll strive to make it just that easy for you. Internal moves, like all moves, reflect the changing circumstances of our lives.

Here’s a real-life example of an internal move from our own experience: Grandma is moving in, and a family wants to create a comfortable space for her. That means that the contents of the main floor or upstairs bedroom need to be moved to a basement. It turns out that bedroom has evolved into a storage room. We take care of that.

Internal moves are genuinely in-house (or maybe as far as the garage), and sometimes they’re even more straightforward than helping family members move in or out. For instance, homeowners sometimes need a little help transferring collectibles from the basement to the garage– or with ensuring a couch and end tables make their way safely from the living room to the basement. Realtors often need help with internal moves, too. At Kary Movers, we’re the go-to moving company for many realtors when they’re staging for a show home.

Typically, teams of two or three people will arrive with all the protective blankets and dollies and other equipment necessary for a truly professional move. Your treasured items will receive the same care that we give your belongings that are moved across town, the province, or beyond.

As local movers, we’ve discovered people need to move stuff for every imaginable reason– and then some! The only wheels involved in internal moves our dollies, since we’re showing up just to move items within the home. But still, we make sure to arrive with the muscle-power, equipment, and a wealth of experience to do it right.

Whether it’s an internal truck-less or local cross-town move in one of our vans or 5-ton vehicles, we take care to ensure all your belongings are transported courteously and carefully.

When we perform the move, we can place the boxes in their designated rooms, or we can keep it simpler and more economical by unloading everything in the garage or common area of your new home. The choice is yours.

Please contact us right here for options, estimates, and information on how to best plan your internal or local move.