Service Overview

As a full-service moving business, Kary Movers delivers, moves, and even removes a host of heavy items for both commercial and residential clients. We’ve delivered and moved aircraft parts, hot tubs, classic cars, and literally tons of appliances. And we’ve handled both internal moves (where the items never leave the building) to cross-town moves for corporate clients like the SUGOI Apparel warehouse in Burnaby, Burnaby’s eBay Call Centre, and IKEA in Richmond.

Some of our business moves, for example, merely involve the moving desks or office equipment from one area to another within a building. Residential customers often call us because the new washing machine that the store delivered went only as far as the garage. Often store delivery people won’t take heavy items up or downstairs– and sometimes this takes the new appliance owner by surprise. Kary Movers comes to the rescue.

Other times, customers call us to deliver items too heavy for a courier to deliver. And, if something needs unpacking, we not only do that, but we clean up and remove any boxes or packing material. In all of the above situations, we’re at our customers’ service to accommodate just about any situation.

Chances are if it’s heavy to move, we’ve moved it. So, don’t hesitate to let us know if you need delivery and moving of heavy items to or within a home, office, warehouse, or just about anywhere. We can help with your delivery needs so contact us or get a moving quote.