1358514282Who’s going to move that filing cabinet? “Volunteers?” Your sales pitch to your employees on moving day is going to go down with even less ease than your “If we all pitch in speech” did when the move was announced months ago. And all the pizza and beverage at the end of your unexpectedly long do-it-your-self office move isn’t going to ease the pain of those sore backs you just patted– adding insult to injury.

Office moves are no less stressful than household moves.  There usually involve more people and heavier stuff.  A little down time during a move from one condo to another is one thing— but disruption to business during an office or commercial move is quite another.

Whatever the reason for moving your business– upsizing, downsizing or simply moving to a location with a great view and plenty of parking– Kary Movers will help you help make it a smooth one.  A smoother move means less downtime for your business— and downtime, as you know, means unhappy customers, employees and lost dollars. Trying to save a few dollars by taking on an office move yourself can prove itself to be simply disastrous.

For our commercial clients, Kary Movers understands that the logistics of office relocation never seems as simple during the actual move as when you planned the move on paper. In our vast experience, we’ve moved businesses of all shapes and sizes. We understand that every situation is as unique as each business we move.

There are some universals involved, however.  One of them is the need for careful packing and unpacking– and Kary Movers does both with professionalism and experience. At Kary Movers, we want to make sure that every desk, chair, cubicle, filing cabinet, and file, piece of equipment, and tool makes it safely to your new office. You’ve got plenty to worry about without adding the move itself to your list of concerns and backaches. That’s why we take the extra step of offering packing and unpacking services—and you’d be one smart and long-appreciated employer for taking advantage of this service.

There is, of course, preparation required on your part for the move– starting with a good old-fashioned checklist.  It’s a good idea to get the staff involved in the move early.  That may mean setting up a “move committee,” hopefully with a few cool and smart heads that can make it an easy move for the whole staff.  Any staff members familiar with the expertise of Kary Movers will immediately be put at ease and can advise their fellow staffers to “Keep Calm and Let Kary Carry On.”

A good communications plan is vital. An internal communications plan will ensure employees are updated of the moving plans while an external plan will keep your clients and suppliers up to date on your business activities during the move. Knowing that they won’t be doing any heavy lifting will help instill in your staff the proper enthusiasm for the move.  Make sure you have staff members specifically focused on helping you stay in business while Kary takes care of the business of your office move.

Let’s face it, even the positive change of moving your business to a better location has some sore spots involved for your employees.  It may mean a change in how they commute and whether the move will create a longer commute. Your staff needs to know how offices will be assigned and what their new space will look like as far ahead of the move as possible.  Employees should be informed at every step in the process.  Keeping a schedule on the kitchen bulletin board or other common space so people can see how things are progressing and what is expected of them.

As you’ve, no doubt, learned, keeping employees well-informed is preferable to keeping them in the dark.  Speaking of which, you may need to arrange for electrical connections and disconnections at your new location.  That may go for plumbing, too.  Dark and dirty doesn’t create good memories.

As we mentioned, Kary does provide packing as well as unpacking services.  However, you may  want to consider any special equipment you have that may require special technical expertise in packing.  Check out our blog for more details tips on office moving preparation.  You’ll find our blog helpful we’re sure, but we’re also available live and in person to talk to or answer your email to info@karymovers.com.  Or, you can simply make an online query.