Commercial Moves

Service Overview

Kary Movers are the commercial and office movers of choice for many Greater Vancouver businesses. We’re here when you need us, for the heavy lifting and so much more. In fact, we’d like to be your partners in a smart and smooth commercial move.

Kary Movers will come to your location and have a look and everything you need to be moved– so that we can give you a flat rate quote. But there’s more to a smooth move than that. We like to establish good communication with your from the start to determine your needs.

We believe that asking the right questions leads to successful results. At the end of the day, it helps ensure a successful move for your business. Will you need help with take-down and set up of office cubicles and larger office furniture? Do you and your staff plan to box many of the items yourselves? Are you scaling up or down in size? These are just a few of the questions to consider — and discuss with our experienced team — as you plan your business move.

Again, communication is key in establishing the process– what we do, what you do, and what you can expect from us in the days and weeks before office moving day.

More Than Just Muscle

We’re also highly experienced movers so we can give you plenty of direction and advice in the planning and orchestration of your commercial move. We more than just a handsome lot of heavy-lifters! Kary also has team members who are highly experienced in assembly and disassembly of office desks, tables, partitions, and privacy glass. We also have experience and expertise in moving electronics– so you don’t need to (nervously) rely on your staff members.

Kary always takes excellent care packing, loading, moving, and delivery of your office to its new destination. The more efficient the move, the less downtime and frustration for your business. We can take the load off your commercial move in so many ways. So, make the first move and contact us or get a moving quote.