Moving Company or DIY Move – How to know what’s best for you

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Should I hire a moving company?

Moving from one house to another is not only a big decision in itself, but it also has a slew of decisions throughout the process. You must decide who is going to sell your house, and where are you going to buy a new house and you’ll also need to decide how you are going to handle the move.

Each person has their own preferences and ways of doing things. Some people might not have (or want to spend) the finances to hire professional movers. Others might not have the time or capacity and would hire professionals in a wink.

Here are some pros and cons to help you make the big decision.



  • You have total control. Taking on the challenge of moving yourself comes with the huge advantage that you have control of everything – who, when, where, what and how long. You get to choose the rental truck (or borrow one!), the moving supplies, and you get the responsibility of making sure nothing breaks during the process.
  • You’re saving money. Depending on the complexity of the move, you will most likely save hundreds of dollars by doing the move yourself. You could rent or borrow a truck for the move, which costs significantly less than a moving company. You must, however, seriously consider the logistics involved in the move and decide if it will be worth the struggle of doing everything yourself.
  • You decide about the packing. You get to decide which items go in boxes and which can stand to be tossed into the moving truck on the day of the move.


  • You must do the heavy lifting. The most challenging part of a move is usually physically picking up and moving boxes, furniture, and other items. Hopefully, you have a team to help you with all the labour. Hopefully, it’s only a two-bedroom house you’re packing up and not a five.
  • It takes a lot of planning. Of course, any move takes planning and organization. But when you’re doing it yourself, there is so much more that you need to keep in mind. Your items that need to be packed into the truck must be in boxes and ready to go at the right time. You’ll need to know the best route for the truck to get to your new address, and you’ll need to plan the order and layout of your items within the truck.
  • Expect unexpected problems. Unless you have moved house a couple of times and have the process down to an art, you’re likely to run into a few problems along the way. Things might get stuck in doorways, or the rental truck may get lost. Unexpected issues are sure to arise and will damper your mood.

Moving Company


  • Sit back and relax while you watch all your boxes get carried outside to the truck. You won’t have to lift a finger throughout the process.
  • Everything will have already been planned and organized in advance for the day of the move. You can rest assured that there will be enough manpower and rented machinery to do the job quickly and efficiently.
  • Less stress. You won’t be running around on the day worrying about your belongings or having to drive a big truck anywhere. You can watch the process.


  • Less control. You might be able to negotiate the move date, but how your things are packed and the circumstances will be out of your control. If you like to be in complete control, this might not be the best option for you.
  • It’s expensive. There is always a price to pay for convenience and efficiency. Once again, you will need to decide if the convenience is worth the price that you will pay.
  • It is impersonal. Handing over your precious belongings to a stranger can be a bit nerve-racking. However, most moving companies will have insurance policies if anything goes wrong.


Something else to consider is a hybrid move. This is when you don’t enlist the full service of a professional moving company but only the parts that you might need the most help with. You might hire a moving team to do the heavy lifting but rent a truck and drive it yourself instead.

Deciding on whether to use a moving company or do it yourself relies on various circumstances and answering different types of questions. Depending on how far you’re moving, how much you’re moving, your physical health, and your financial status, you could decide to hire a moving company instead of doing it yourself.

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