After the Move

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First, say thank you to the movers! By this point you’ve probably realized just how indispensible Kary Movers are. You’ve just
benfitted from knowledge and experience of one of Greater Vancouver’s most seasoned local, caring moving companies. If you’re exceptionally happy with what Kary Movers has done, consider a hand-written note. Or, simply send an email to share your positive moving experience.  You might be too overwhelmed with the unpacking ahead of you to do it right away, but put it on your to-do list over the next few days.  (By the way, Kary Movers have received a ton over the years but it always puts a smile on their faces.  You’ll      ee a sampling of those previous kudos on Kary Movers testimonials page. )


You Did It!

Second, pat yourself on the back. You did it! If you’re moving with other family members or significant others, it’s time for a group hug. To one degree or another, this was, no doubt, a group decision. And if you’ve had a disagreement or two because at least one of you had reservations about making this move, you’ve settled the issue– not that you won’t have second thoughts about your new neighbourhood or community. That’s natural. (And a good topic for a future blog.) But, right now, it’s time to work together and make this your home! Wait, take this important Kary Movers unpacking advice: don’t start unpacking boxes willy nilly. Your sanity is at stake.

This leads us to number three. And it’s the biggie: unpacking and organizing. Kary Movers realizes the importance of good organization in moving. It’s their organizational skills got your treasured possessions intact and with nothing missing to your new home. Now, make sure you get organized to help speed up the unpacking by placing boxes in the rooms where they belong. You did remember to mark the boxes according to room, right? Good! Next, place furniture and arrange the bedroom. (However, if you’re moving with kids, unpack their toys before you deal with anything else. That is, if you want to stay sane.)

Almost There!

Unpack your clothes and hang them, so it doesn’t look like everything you wear over the next few weeks looks like it’s been slept in. Speaking of sleeping, you will need a place to sleep, or at least relax a bit, and probably sooner than later, so don’t delay this one. If you can keep yourself from collapsing on the bed, move on to hang the curtains and light fixtures — that’s what makes a house a home. Next, to the bathroom. In reality, that may turn out to be your first stop on moving in. Hopefully, you remember exactly where you packed the toilet paper. If you’ve packed your basic toiletries together, then unpack them and have them handy. You can return to tackle the bathroom details later.

Now, to the kitchen and take care of food, dishes and pots. This is one area that gets a little tricky sometimes and drawing a map can greatly cut down on your stress. This is an area where you might very easily come to realize you have too much stuff– small appliances, cookery, dishes and utensils that you really don’t use much. Maybe ever. Be honest with yourself and be brave. Refill a box or two with things that probably shouldn’t have moved with you.  If there’s ever a next move, you don’t want to pack and unpack them again, do you?  Now dontate them to your favourite charity. You’ve done good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Enjoy your new home and your new neighbourhood. Kary Movers is delighted to have had the opportunity do their part in giving your your new start. Know any friends or family members who will be moving soon? Kary Movers always welcomes referrals and wants to help make their moves as hassle free as possible, too.  Kary Movers is just a toll free call  (1.877.687.1746) or an email ( away.