Long Distance Moving Companies – Tips

Jul 4, 2014Blog0 comments

If you are moving for a long distance, making comparisons between long distance moving companies is destined to be a part of your journey. One of the reasons moving is a stressful event may be because enough people have had bad experiences with shady movers that the word is out. While the industry is fraught with unscrupulous companies and scam artists, we have information to help you weed out the good from the bad. It is possible to have a problem-free move but for that to happen, you will need to choose wisely from the many long distance moving companies that are out there.

Your top priorities for selecting a long distance moving company are finding one with a good reputation of reliability and finding one with a reasonable price. A good start for where to look is to ask for recommendations from friends and family. Online reviews can also be helpful.

Other qualities you are looking for in long distance moving companies are how long they have been in business and whether they are insured and properly licensed. The following are more questions that can help with your hiring decision:

  • Are the workers who would be responsible for packaging and moving your possessions well trained?
  • Does the long distance moving company subcontract any of their moves to other moving companies?
  • What extra measures are taken in order to adequately protect fragile items while in transit?
  • Does the moving company offer the option of buying additional insurance protection against both damage and theft?

Here are more important tips about long distance moving companies:

  • If a representative gives you an estimate over the phone, that is a red flag that the company probably isn’t the one you want to choose. Reputable moving companies always see first-hand the items to be moved so that they can provide a bid that is reasonably accurate.
  • If the moving company only accepts cash, that is a red flag. Your possessions will be out of your sight and control for a while, since you are moving a long distance; it’s very important that you hire a legitimate moving company.
  • Do not pay for the move until your belongings have all been unloaded at your new place of residence. Use a checklist to make sure everything that was placed in the truck has been unloaded. Only sign paperwork about the move after the moving process is complete. It’s difficult to prove that something is missing after you’ve signed a paper saying otherwise.
  • If there is something you don’t understand, don’t sign it. Ask questions for clarification. If there is a list of additional charges and fees, ask for a full explanation and how it pertains to your move.
  • Do not send important documents and items of high value with the moving company. Items such as valuable jewelry and passports should be kept with you.
  • As needed, make a claim immediately, not days or weeks later.
  • Ask that your move be based on weight, not volume, because calculating by volume allows more room for complicated dispute. Just be sure you aren’t being charged for the weight of the truck.

Undeniably, there are concerns involved with long distance moving that don’t apply to local moves. By doing your homework on long distance moving companies, you can rest easier and hopefully ensure a satisfactory outcome when moving your personal cargo to a whole new region.