Dos and Don’ts of Asking a Friend for Help Moving

Aug 15, 2022Blog, House move, Moving Tips0 comments

Moving house is a monumental task to take on if you’re doing everything yourself. If you really are set on the idea of doing everything yourself (even though you really should make your life easier and hire us instead!), you might want to get help moving from some family or friends for the job. There is some etiquette that goes into asking for help, however, because it’s such a big ask. Read on for tips on how to approach the situation. And remember: If you can’t find anyone, at least you still have us!

DO give enough notice when asking for help moving

Make sure that you plan ahead and ask for help at least two weeks before the big move. This way they can check their schedules and have the plan in place before anything else comes up. Send them an invite to decrease the chances of them forgetting and ending up with a double booking. Asking the night before is very likely going to be unsuccessful and a huge disappointment.

DO ask for help over the weekend

Friends and family are most likely to be available over the weekend and able to help out for a few hours. The whole move might not be done over the course of one weekend, but you will have the manpower to get more done.

DO consider who to ask wisely

Friends with young children or busy schedules are probably not the right choice to ask. Consider friends or family who will be able to move their schedule around or have free time. If everyone seems to be busy – call us!

DO acknowledge that it’s a big favour

Realise that what you’re asking isn’t a small, easy, or fun task. Nobody (well, except us of course) likes packing and moving. True friends and family will always be happy to help moving even with the most gruelling of tasks, but make sure that your helpers are aware that you are grateful.

DON’T take it personally if someone can’t or won’t help

Again, moving isn’t a fun task. Some of your friends will be willing to help, but others not so much. Don’t read into it too personally if they say ‘no’ or come up with a vague excuse about why they can’t. Just accept it and move on to someone else. Don’t attempt to persuade them to change their minds.

DO be strategic when asking for help moving

Planning ahead will aid in letting your friends know what to expect and what is expected of them. Provide clear and direct instructions as to what they will be doing and if there are any tools or resources that they need to bring along. Keep each person’s strengths in mind and ask for help with that which they’re good at. Talk to your team ahead of time about the schedule and more or less how things will run.

DO plan ahead

Pack and organise things ahead of time so that no time is wasted when your helpers arrive. It is ideal to have everything packed, sealed, and labelled so that the only thing that they need to do is load it onto the truck.

DO provide refreshments

You’re asking a HUGE favour of someone. And while the last thing you might feel like doing is playing host when you’re moving house, you need to take into account that you need to provide water or juice and snacks for everyone. Moving is a physically exhausting job and you wouldn’t want anyone fainting or leaving in the middle of the job because you didn’t care enough to think of them. At the end of the day, it’s the little gestures that go a long way.

DON’T be a dictator when asking for help moving

While you need to get things in order and delegate tasks, keep in mind that you are leading a team and that they have willingly agreed to help. Be clear and respectful with requests to ensure you don’t end up sounding like a drill sergeant. Remember – if you wanted everything done perfectly, you should have done it yourself (or hire us).

DO say thank you

Not only verbally, but plan on really showing gratitude with pizzas and drinks, sending thank you notes with a small gift or taking everyone out for drinks or dinner at a later date. This way your friends or family will really know that you appreciated their help. An even better idea would be the first to volunteer if you hear one of them is moving, or to offer your help in other ways.


Asking for help is never easy, especially when it comes to such a demanding task. Make sure that you are polite and efficient in your planning when having friends help out. Contact Kary Movers using our contact form or via phone at 604-687-1746