Decluttering during a move

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Throughout our lives, we accumulate many things – clothes, toys, gadgets, utensils, and others. The truth is – many of these items we end up not using further than the first month. If you have moved house before you will have seen how much junk we tend to keep in our homes. By decluttering during your move, you ensure a cleaner and tidier space in your new home. Here are some tips for decluttering during a move.

Move room for room

Just thinking about going through all the things in your home can be overwhelming and discouraging. Experts recommend starting with the areas that you use the least and then moving room for room. This way, you are trained to measure the value and necessity of items by the time you get to more important items and memorabilia.

Break each room down into different areas and try to finish one area before moving on to the next. You can also pack some of the non-essential items into their boxes and have them ready for moving day.

Start Early

This is one of the most important tips on this list – do not leave your decluttering to the last few days before you move. By starting the decluttering process early enough you will prevent stress during and after the move. You can start as soon as you know the date of the move. The least amount of time recommended is two months before the move. As a rule of thumb, try and allocate a week per room.

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Have the essentials ready

Ensure you have enough boxes, plastic bags, and other necessary items. Anything you decide to keep you can pop in a box and any trash can go in the plastic bags. It’s a good idea to have a dedicated space for sorting that is out of the way.

A shredder is also a nice-to-have item to shred any old documents.

Make piles

Make dedicated piles for all items. The usual piles are donating, throwing away, and keeping. You can also make a pile for things that you would like to rehome to family or friends, and a pile for things that will be recycled or upcycled. Anything you’re unsure of can also have its own pile, but use it sparingly – you don’t want to have a ton of stuff to go through again.

Remember that documents older than seven years can be tossed.

Once you’ve gone through all areas in the house you can keep adding items you changed your mind about, or were unsure of, to the piles.

Get some help

Don’t put all the pressure on yourself. Even if you live alone, it will be more fun if you invite a friend over for some pizza and have them work through some of your old things. Keep in mind that this friend should know you well enough to discern if you’re likely to keep or trash some items!
Have your spouse and/or your children declutter their own spaces to also take the pressure off. Be sure to allocate areas and deadlines to keep things structured!

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Stay on track

It is very easy to get side-tracked when going through old things. The allure of going through old letters or photo albums can be hard to withstand, and this usually creates delays of a couple of hours. Resist the urge to flip through every single photo and read every letter.

Keep strong

Getting rid of things from your home isn’t always an easy feat for everyone. Even though it’s hard, you should really think about whether you need any item in your new home. Ask questions such as: Have I used it in the last year? Can I see a space for it in my new home? Do I really love having or using this item?

It might be hard at first – but you’ll be thankful once you move, and your new space is clear of clutter.

Decluttering for a move may seem like a tremendous task, but focusing on specific areas and ensuring that you have enough time to do it can ease stressful emotions.
By decluttering before or during a move, you’ll save time, and money spent on boxes or a bigger moving van.

Do a little every day, and you can keep the decluttering process easy and stress-free.

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