Appliances: Getting Them Ready to Move

Mar 31, 2016Blog0 comments

How to move large appliances.  One word: don’t. Is that not music to your ears?

Kary Movers has the experience and expertise you need to move your appliances from point A to point B unscathed, with no scratches to humans, appliances or walls. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting and moving. All you need to do is prepare with a few practical actions.

Washer and Dryer

Ensure your new residence has the correct electrical requirements for the washer and dryer as well as water hook-ups and proper dryer venting to prevent any moving day surprises.

Clean and dry your appliances thoroughly. Disconnect your washer’s hoses, wrap them in a towel, and place them inside of the washer for safe transport. Unplug and clean your dryer, including — of course — your lint trap!


For the few days before your move, be prepared to wash dishes the good old fashioned way– in the sink. Be sure to clean your dishwasher and dry it thoroughly. Then leave the door open for a few days prior to moving day. It’s important to keep it free of moisture prior to transport. Your movers at Kary Movers will appreciate it! Disconnect all drain hoses; wrap them well in packing paper or towels and place them inside the dishwasher.


If your stove top has detachable parts like stove elements, remove them, along with any other detachable parts. Clean and dry your stove thoroughly. Make sure to mark each part and save yourself some trouble unpacking by taping any partner parts together. Then pack them in a well-marked box.

If you have a gas range, make you you have it disconnected by a qualified technician. Also ensure that you have a technician on hand the home you’re moving to–  to check your gas supply, seal all openings, and light the pilot connect your service. It’s like the torch lighting at the Olympics without the games– without any athletic exertion on your part!

Refrigerator and Freezer

It goes without saying that you should defrost, clean, and dry  these appliances thoroughly– but if we didn’t say it, what credibility would this blog have? Check those expiration dates. 2003 was a good year for wine but not for frozen peas. If you find a few dated items in your freezer, don’t be surprised. You’re not the first or last person haunted by the roast of Christmas past. Toss it, and move on with your life.

If you have a a water dispenser or ice machine, turn off the water and disconnect the water line. As with your other appliances, pack all removable parts together in a well-marked box.

A little attention before you move will save you the time from looking for spare parts — and possibly the expense to replace them — once you’re settled into your new place. And remember, when it comes to lifting those appliances you can make it a completely hands-free experience and let Kary Movers make it look like magic. But as an magician will tell you, good magic involves a lot of skill and practice. At Kary we have both– as decades of testimonials show. We’ve posted a few of them on our referrals page.

Call us at 1-877-687-1746 or email us at Feel free to request a moving quote on this site. We’d love to put our expertise into moving your appliances, and everything else, into your new home.