A Friendlier Neighbourhood Starts with You: Four Essential Few Tips

Oct 19, 2018Blog0 comments

You didn’t just choose a new home. You chose a new neighbourhood. And as great as that new neighbourhood looks, it’s not truly a neighbourhood until you get to know your neighbours. And the best way you can do that? Be a good neighbour.

Be friendly

In the busy-ness of our lives, it’s easy to let neighbourly friendliness go by the wayside. If you feel a bit guilty that you’ve let your personal good neighbourliness slide, don’t worry. There’s an opportunity ahead. Start off on the right foot in your new neighbourhood– and start quickly. Don’t let that first month slide by leaving the neighbours wondering who those reclusive new people are. Get out there and say hello!

Being friendly doesn’t have to mean knocking on every new neighbour’s door. When you see your neighbours outside, give them a wave hello. If you have a few minutes, stop by for a quick chat. Being friendly helps build rapport and keeps lines of communication open. Just make sure you’re sensitive to your neighbour’s schedule. Don’t stop for a casual chat while they’re loading three kids in an SUV at 7:30 am on a school day.

Be helpful. It’ll bring you some happy returns.

If you’re going to be away for a few days or more and plan to have someone house-sit, let your neighbour know. Also, be quick to do a good deed if you see your neighbour needs help.  A little courtesy goes a long way and is usually returned!

Keep your eyes open for an opportunity to help. Neighbour sick or out of town? Offer to water their plants or walk their dogs. Again, like a boomerang, it’s likely to come back when you need help. Your neighbour is much more like to return the favour when you need it. It’s good to have each other’s backs.

Follow the rules

Stick to the rules for the housing or condo association and municipality for parking, garbage disposal, noise and pets. Don’t give your neighbours reasons to be upset and complain about you. If there’s a unique circumstance, be proactive. Talk to your neighbours and see if there’s an exception to the rules before violating any policies. That leads us to our final tip:


Some say communication is the key to a happy marriage. It might just make for a happy neighbourhood, too! Let your neighbours know about any change in your routine that might affect them. Maybe you’re having company over for a holiday or special occasion and need extra parking. Or, you decide to renovate and a construction crew will be around for a few days. Let your neighbours know. It’s the right thing to do.

Neighbours generally like to be informed about activity in the neighbourhood. When they suddenly see seven cars in your driveway and an extra eight on the street, make sure that you’ve already given them a head’s up. They’ll at least understand that this is temporary and appreciate knowing that you’re not operating a used car lot.

If you’re communicating well with your neighbours, disputes are likely to be resolved quicker and easier. If you have an issue, talk about it. Ask to schedule a meeting, if necessary. Keep calm, keep cool and share your concerns. It’s much better than letting problems pile up to the point that you regret your move.

Be willing to listen, too. You’re likely asking them to change the way they do things– so be willing to compromise where you can.

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