6 Essential Steps for an Easier Move

Dec 15, 2021Blog, Moving Tips0 comments

Moving is not easy. The process can be incredibly overwhelming, physically and mentally. Not only are you packing up your lives into boxes and bins, but you are also uprooting yourself from your previous home and starting over somewhere new.

At times, moving sounds exciting, but much of the process is repetition that leaves so many people and families stressed out and tired at the end. However, there are some ways to make the move a bit easier. Here are our top 6 essential steps for an easier move.

1. Create a schedule

You should think about moving even before moving day begins. Plan early and try to estimate how long it will take to pack each room. You can set out a day for each room leading up to the official moving day, so you’re not as stressed out on the day of. 

Moving is very time-consuming. The earlier you start organizing and packing, the smoother moving day will be. This also helps you avoid rushing and the chaos of not having enough boxes or padding.

You can also create a checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten in the busyness of the day. 

2. Request time off work

Unless your job is very flexible or you plan to skip sleep all together (which we do not recommend), requesting time off work is not a bad idea. Having a day or two dedicated to moving will leave you more energized as you don’t need to worry about moving after a long day on the job.

3. Purge your belongings

Moving is the perfect time to declutter and rid yourself of old or useless items. As you pack away your closet and clear out your storage, take the time to ask yourself if you need certain items in there. Clothes you never wear, pots you’ve never touched, items that still have the price tag on years later.

If you don’t need them, either sell them or donate them.

4. Label your boxes

On your first night in your new home, there is nothing worse than not knowing where everything is. Popping open a bunch of unlabelled boxes trying to find one item is exhausting, and chances are you’re already passing out. We suggest labeling one box “Open First”—this designated box will hold all your essential items like toiletry, toothpaste, medication, and bedsheets. 

The rest of your boxes should be labeled too. You can label them by room and even add what’s inside (books, pots, chemicals, plates).

5. Call your utility company

Sometimes, we focus so much on moving that we forget about the other parts that make a home a home. Call your utility companies to ensure everything is set up before your arrival.

6. Hire a professional mover

The truth is you can cut out stress and some of these steps by simply hiring the professionals to take over for you. Reputable professionals will handle your belongings with care and courtesy. 

At Kary Movers we offer quality, reliable, fast, and professional moving for local, commercial, and long-distance moves.

We hope these tips and tricks help you survive a rainy moving day. If you need professional help to ease the load of moving, do not hesitate to reach out.