4 Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mar 15, 2022Blog, Moving Tips0 comments

The process of moving, packing up your life, and hauling to another home can seem like an insurmountable task, especially when it seems like you have too many items to take with you. Moving certainly is tedious work and even thinking about all the things you need to check off on your to-do list can cause stress and headache. However, while the natural response might be to leave it until the last minute, we promise that planning in advance will make the process go much smoother.

The difference between a stressful move and a stress-free move is avoiding these four common moving mistakes.


Mistake #1: Not Planning Your Time Wisely

Don’t procrastinate! Moving takes more time than you may think and nothing can cause chaos faster than leaving everything to the day before. Although moving can be overwhelming, you can create a checklist to stay ahead of the game. Create checklists with time-sensitive tasks and go down the list.

Be realistic. An apartment might take two days to pack, a two-bedroom house about three days, and a three-bedroom house about five. Add extra days for delicate items or if you have a busy schedule.

On the other hand, giving yourself too much isn’t great either. Packing too early means you might end up packing away items you need such as dishes, beds, or toiletries. Having to scavenge through dozens of boxes for your toothbrush is not fun and undoes the work you did. Additionally, all those boxes can make your house feel really crowded.

We’ve got two tips for you:

  • Create an ‘essentials’ pack: These are all the items you cannot live without. Having a dedicated box or bag will make finding the necessities a breeze.
  • Create a timeline with enough buffer to account for any delays

Mistake #2: Taking Everything with You

This moving mistake costs time, money, and resources. If you forgo consolidating your personal items, you run the risk of overpacking (bringing more than you need). Moving is the optimal time to sort through your things and rid yourself of items you no longer use or need. The fewer items you have, the less moving is required, plus you won’t waste packing materials.

In a rush, we might not care to look through our stuff and organize it because it takes more time. Make your load lighter by throwing out, donating, or selling items that no longer serve a purpose in your home. Extra items waste time, labour, fuel, and money.

This is essential if you are downsizing as well as you’ll be working with less space.

Mistake #3: Not researching your movers

You wouldn’t trust just anybody to handle your personal belongings, would you? With hundreds of moving companies to choose from, we know it can be overwhelming to pick one. While there are tons, not every mover operates professionally. We advise you to read up on moving companies before hiring them: read reviews, seek out referrals, request estimates, and ask questions. A good moving company will stand out to you because they truly care about providing the best service and protecting your belongings in the process.

Pro Tip: Ask what type of insurance coverage options are available. Some companies offer released-value protection (your belongings are valued at a set amount per weight) or full-value protection (based on the actual value of your belongings). For full-value protection, if your belongings are damaged during the move, they will get you a replacement item of equal value or cover the repair cost. There are other types of insurance, so doing your research is key to ensure you are fully protected from any potential mishaps.

Mistake #4: Not Budgeting

A home is already a big expense, but many new homeowners fail to calculate moving into the equation. Although unexpected expenses are unavoidable sometimes, trying to anticipate the cost of moving and budgeting for it will save you.

Before you sell your home, get a quote first. The cost of moving depends on how much stuff you have and the distance it takes to travel between locations. On top of the general moving costs, packing supplies and time off from work should be factored in too.

Moving Soon?

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