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Moving Trucks

An important decision to be made when moving from one place to another is choosing from among companies that hire out moving trucks and services. The cost difference can be significant from one company to the next but not always because the company with the lowest prices is the better value. Like every service industry, there are people with moving trucks that set out, after quoting an attractive moving price, to take customers for every cent they can, using tricks and deception to grossly overcharge in the end. Then the consumer is stuck with either paying unnecessary and unfair […]

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Movers and Packers

The most common cause of breakage during a move is improper packing. For any household or business moving further than a short distance, careful and appropriate packing is essential. Movers and packers offer various option packages, including full pack, fragile pack, crating, and owner pack. Some movers also offer box rental programs. But there is more you want to look for in a moving and packing company than package options.

Trained professional movers and packers understand the special care that is needed to safely move delicate and fragile items. There are various types of packing methods which are employed by […]

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Long Distance Moving Companies – Tips

If you are moving for a long distance, making comparisons between long distance moving companies is destined to be a part of your journey. One of the reasons moving is a stressful event may be because enough people have had bad experiences with shady movers that the word is out. While the industry is fraught with unscrupulous companies and scam artists, we have information to help you weed out the good from the bad. It is possible to have a problem-free move but for that to happen, you will need to choose wisely from the many long distance moving […]

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A Comprehensive Moving Checklist

Most people agree that moving is a difficult task, and even mental health professionals say it ranks high on the list of life stressors. The good news is that by carefully planning and organizing your move early and with attention to detail, everything can go very smoothly. The most helpful tool is a moving checklist that serves as a comprehensive guide with everything to be done before a big move.

The best kind of moving checklist includes tasks that should be done months in advance all the way up to the day of the big move. It’s only natural that […]

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Another happy customer

I wanted to take the time to write in regards to our move on April the 1st of this month. To say that i was impressed, would be a tremendous understatement. Both guys where amazing. Professional, fast and highly efficient. Both those guys clearly enjoy their jobs, are excellent at their jobs and project a level of calm and organization second to none. They made the move look easy and took an enormous amount of stress and pain out of our day. Both me and my wife will not hesitate to use kary movers again in the future, and also […]

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